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Justin Mueller is an attorney based out of Lafayette, LA, who practices in both Texas and Louisiana. His primary areas of practice include discrimination/wrongful termination (Title VII, ADEA, FMLA, ADAAA, Texas Labor Code), FLSA/overtime actions, employment contracts, severance agreements, non-compete/non-solicitation, and EEOC/DOL investigations. While the bulk of his practice is in labor and employment matters, he also handles family law, criminal defense, and other civil litigation. In addition to representing clients in litigation, Justin also counsels them on avoiding costly legal mistakes and disputes through the concept of preventative law.

Practice Areas
Applicants and employees in the United States are protected by a vast web of laws, rulings and regulations. Unfortunately, many workers and even employers are unaware of their rights and their obligations in the workplace. Justin Mueller is experienced in investigating workplace wrongdoing, Human Resources counseling, and representing both management and employees in the complex field of labor and employment law.
If it happens in court, we are here to help. We advise and represent our clients in a wide and diverse range of matters before courts and various administrative tribunals, commissions and agencies.
Family disputes are difficult—and not just for the parties directly involved. Children, parents, friends and indeed a person’s entire support network may suffer through the uncertainty of prolonged family disputes. Justin Mueller is committed to ensuring that these matters are resolved as quickly as is practical.
An arrest for a federal crime is a serious matter that can have life-changing consequences. Beyond the inconvenience and embarrassment of being arrested, you face the very real possibility of going to jail, having a permanent criminal record, and being fined.
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